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In The News

Diverging views: Sanders and Clinton on climate change
, Dr. Timmons Roberts,Climate Home, 4/12/16.


Sanders Edges Ahead of Clinton in New Bloomberg Poll
, Bloomberg News, 3/25/16.


Ellen Schwartz: A Political Revolution in Vermont
,, 3/15/16.


Sanders is destroying Clinton in coal country, despite backing climate action,, 2/25/16.


Tara Houska, Ojibwe, Named Native American Advisor to Bernie Sanders, Indian Country, 2/24/16.


New poll numbers show Sanders winning in the general election, Quinnipiac National Poll, released 2/23/16.


Oklahoma’s Green Party to endorse Bernie Sanders, ABC Tulsa, 2/23/16.


6 Things Bernie Sanders Would Do to Crack Down on Fracking, Even If Congress Doesn’t Go Along,, 2/21/16.


The Pragmatic Case for Bernie Sanders, The Atlantic, 2/15/16.


Bernie Co-Sponsors “Merchants of Doubt” Amendment Into Energy Bill, Call On Fossil Fuel Industry To End Climate Denial and Deception, DeSmog, 2/3/16.


Hillary Clinton’s Climate Plan Is Rhetorically Grand and Scientifically Unambitious, The Slatest.


Today, Senator Bernie Sanders stood with 27,000 New Hampshire climate action voters and Americans across the country by pledging to power our country with more than 50 percent clean energy by 2030. Sanders endorses #50by30 pledge to power America with more than 50 percent clean energy by 2030.


Diaz: Is Hillary Clinton giving up Arizona to Bernie Sanders?, The Arizona Republic, 2/9/16.


Bernie Sanders may win big this week. Our panelists share why he has their vote, The Guardian, 2/8/16.


Sanders: Snyder should resign over Flint water crisis, The Detroit News, 1/17/16.


First on CNN: Former NAACP head to endorse Bernie Sanders, CNN, 2/4/16.


Sanders spotlights new climate data: ‘The debate is over’, CNN, 1/20/16.


Robert Reich: It Takes a Movement, RSN, 2/2/16.


On Eve of Caucuses, Clinton Rakes in Fracking Cash, Huffintgon Post, 2/1/16.


Environmental Justice Is a Latino Issue and Will Influence Our Vote, Latino Rebels, 1/26/16.


RSN Editorial Board | For President: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, RSN, 1/30/16


Voter’s Guide: Compare Candidates on Climate and Energy, National Geographic, 1/29/16.


Bernie Sanders Blocks Obama’s Food and Drug Administration Nominee Over Pharmaceutical Ties, RSN, 1/27/16.


Bill McKibben | Bernie Sanders Refuses to Melt, RSN, 1/27/16.


Bernie Sanders Is the Realist We Should Elect, The Nation, 1/26/16.


Sanders is more “electable” than Clinton: A new national poll shows that Sanders outperforms Clinton against the two leading Republican candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Both Democrats beat Donald Trump, but Sanders’ margin is 5.3 percent (46.8 to 41.5) compared to Clinton’s margin of 2.5 percent (45.3 to 42.8). While Sanders beats Cruz by 45.0 to 41.7 percent, Clinton actually loses to Cruz 45.4 to 46.0 percent. Read more here.


Shaun King: Why Bernie Sanders Is the Best Candidate in the Running for the White House, New York Daily News, 1/16/16.


Bernie Sanders: Combating Climate Change to Save the Planet, RSN, 12/7/15.


Bernie Sanders’s Climate Plan Takes Aim at the 1 Percent, New Republic, 12/7/15.


Shock Poll: Bernie Sanders Is the Most Electable Candidate in Either Party, Observer News, 12/3/15.


Sanders Has Highest Approval in Senate, The Hill, 11/25/15.


Killer Mike, Danny DeVito, & More Celebrities Who Seriously Want Bernie Sanders To Be Their Next President, Bustle, 11/24/15.


Bernie Sanders: ‘If the Environment Were a Bank, It Would Have Already Been Bailed Out’, Eco Watch, 11/19/15.


Trying a Fossil Fiend, Truth Out, 11/3/15. Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders wants the Justice Department to investigate and potentially prosecute ExxonMobil for corporate fraud. Bankrolling a disinformation campaign helped stymie climate action and “may have caused public harm,” Sanders said in a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch. A tobacco-style case against the whole oil and gas industry on racketeering charges may sound unlikely, but prospects are growing. And all heavily compensated executives who run fossil-fuel companies should heed the federal trial of a de-throned coal king in Charleston, West Virginia.


This Chart Shows Where All the Candidates Stand on the World’s Biggest Issue: Climate Change, Mother Jones, 10/30/15.


Democratic candidates and environmental issues: Where do the leading Democratic candidates for president stand on environmental issues? Earth Talk, 10/29/15.


Yes, Polling Trajectory Shows Bernie Sanders Defeating Hillary Clinton and Winning the Democratic Nomination, The Huffington Post, 10/28/15.


Sanders: GOP thinks climate change isn’t real because of Kochs, The Hill, 10/22/15.


Bernie Sanders Calls for Federal Investigation of ExxonEmily Atkin, Think Progress, 10/21/15. Atkins writes: “In a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders charged the oil giant of engaging in a cover-up to intentionally mislead the public about the reality of human-caused climate change, and by extension the risks of its carbon-intensive product.”


Bernie Sanders Dominates With Small Donors, While the GOP Rakes in the Dark Money, The Nation, 10/16/15.


Clinton and Sanders Just Came Out Hard on the Issue Republicans Refuse to Talk About: Climate Change, Climate Desk, 10/14/15.


Bernie Sanders Podcast Interview with David Axelrod, The Axe Files, 9/29/15.


Bernie Sanders on Real Time with Bill Maher, 6/19/15.


Bernie Sanders Scores High In New ‘Climate Hawk’ Ranking, Huffington Post, 4/29/15. ranking of U.S. senators based on their climate activism puts presidential candidate Bernie Sanders among the top “climate hawks,” as he scored a 95 for the 113th Congress in a new ranking from the group Climate Hawks Vote.