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Key Actions on the Keystone XL Pipeline

“In my view, this tar sands pipeline is a bad deal for the country and for our planet.” – Sen. Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders stands firmly against the approval and completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline. He voted against the approval of the pipeline three times as member of the Senate.


Sanders issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s veto of Keystone XL Pipeline Bill in 2015:


“The president made the correct decision today in rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline, and I will fight to ensure Congress does not overturn the decision…In my view, this tar sands pipeline is a bad deal for the country and for our planet, and the president has acted in the best interest of the American people in saying no to Keystone XL.”


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“Bernie has been more solid on climate change than any major figure in U.S. politics–he fought the Keystone pipeline from day one, and for the central reason that we need to stop building new fossil fuel infrastructure. He’s not just a leader, he’s a hero on environmental issues.” Bill McKibben, Co-Founder of

Bernie also is opposed to the construction of the The Northeast Energy Direct (NED) gasline proposal, which calls for around 70 miles of new pipeline construction in New Hampshire as well as a large compressor station in New Ipswitch, near New Hampshire’s southern border.


Bernie is also opposed to the Vermont Gas Services Inc. pipeline project, and was the first candidate to oppose the Bakken oil pipeline in Iowa.