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Key Actions on Clean Water

“I find it incomprehensible that at a time when the vast majority of the people in this country are terribly concerned about what’s going on in the environment, terribly concerned about the environmental implications of nuclear energy, that the American people do not know what is in their waterways…” – Senator Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is deeply concerned about the deterioration of America’s lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater, bays, and oceans. In 2015, he introduced the The Rebuild America Act, which would make a historic one-trillion dollar investment over five years to repair and modernize the physical infrastructure that our economy depends on. At a time when real unemployment stands at 11.2%, the Rebuild America Act will also put thirteen million Americans to work in decent-paying jobs.


As stated by Senator Sanders, the problem is that much of our drinking water infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life: each year there are nearly a quarter-million water main breaks with a loss of an estimated seven billion gallons of fresh water. Because our wastewater treatment plants aren’t keeping up with needed improvements, almost ten billion gallons of raw sewage are dumped into our nation’s waterways each year. More than 4,000 of the nation’s 84,000 dams are now ‘deficient’ and nearly nine percent of all levees are likely to fail during a major flood.


The Rebuild America Act will invest $145 billion in water infrastructure over five years. Additional solutions include:

  •  Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: $6 billion a year to improve the water systems that provide Americans with clean, safe drinking water.
  • Clean Water State Revolving Fund: $6 billion a year for water pollution control and wastewater and stormwater infrastructure that protect our nation’s rivers and lakes.
  • Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act: $2 billion a year to finance large drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects currently not eligible for SRF funding.
  • Dams and Levees: $12 billion a year to upgrade high-hazard dams that provide flood control, drinking water, irrigation, hydropower, and recreation, and for levees that protect our cities and farms.

Ailing Water Supply – Bernie Sanders and Erin Brockovich penned an editorial on Saturday detailing the deteriorating state of America’s water infrastructure. The lead poisoning that haunts Flint, Michigan is part of a pattern of tainted municipal water supplies and a symptom of our lack of investment in vital national infrastructure. On Monday, Senator Sanders held a private meeting with families from Flint and reiterated his call for Governor Rick Snyder to resign. Sanders advocates a $1 trillion infrastructure jobs bill to rebuild and modernize the nation’s roads, bridges, airports, seaports, railroads, electrical grid, drinking water system, inland waterways, dams and levees.