On The Issues - Environmentalists for Bernie
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Faced with the global crisis of climate change, the United States must lead the world in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel to sustainable energy. But let us be clear: …the Green New Deal is not just about climate change. It is an economic plan to create millions of good-paying jobs, strengthen our infrastructure, and invest in our country’s frontline and vulnerable communities.”

– Bernie Sanders, November 14, 2019

Overall Environmental Record

Sen. Sanders has fought for the environment over his entire political career. He has a remarkable 95 percent lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters after more than 24 years of service to the State of Vermont in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and has been endorsed by the youth climate movement in Sunrise and one of the oldest environmental groups in Friends of the Earth Action. He is a supporter of a movement-centered approach to achieving environmental justice and a sustainable future. He marches in solidarity on the frontlines, from opposing pipelines, disastrous trade deals, and in the streets – like he did in New York with people from around the world at the People’s Climate March. He also recognizes that solving the ecological crisis and bringing about environmental justice requires bringing about deep structural changes in the American economic and political systems. We must take back our democracy.

As president, Bernie Sanders will launch the decade of the Green New Deal, a ten-year, nationwide mobilization centered around justice and equity during which climate change will be factored into virtually every area of policy, from immigration to trade to foreign policy and beyond. This plan will:

  1. Transform our energy system to 100% renewable energy and create 20 million jobs
  2. End the greed of the fossil fuel industry and hold them accountable
  3. Rebuild our economy and ensure justice for frontline communities and a just transition for workers

Conservation and National Parks

Bernie Sanders strongly believes in strengthening our laws and programs that protect wilderness and national parks, wildlife habitat, and endangered species. In 2015, he introduced the Rebuild America Act. For years, we have underfunded the parks that provide recreational opportunities for all Americans and that help preserve our nation’s history, heritage and natural wonders. Our federal, state and local parks systems now face a $100 billion funding gap for deferred maintenance and much needed upgrades. The Rebuild America Act will invest $3 billion a year to improve our National Parks, Monuments, Heritage Areas and Landmarks for current and future generations to enjoy.