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Endorse Bernie’s Environmental Vision

We are climate activists, environmental justice advocates, builders of a sustainable economy, artists, scientists, and conservationists from all walks of life that share a vision of the Green New Deal for a country where everyone prospers rather than just the 1%.

We know what’s good for the planet is what’s good for our communities and the economy. We also know that too many communities are getting left behind, especially front line communities and the working class.

We seek a nation that:

  • Embraces the Green New Deal with the necessary level of investment to create 20 million jobs needed to solve the climate crisis;
  • Transitions away from fossil fuels toward a 100% clean, sustainable, renewable energy system, and ensures a stable climate for both present and future generations;
  • Realizes climate and environmental justice by addressing the ways in which climate change and pollution disproportionately impact communities of color, indigenous peoples, low-income neighborhoods, women, new immigrants, and working class families;
  • Achieves clean production and the use of safer alternatives to toxic chemicals;
  • Provides open green space in all urban, suburban, and rural communities;
  • Preserves pristine wilderness areas, national parks, wildlife habitat, and endangered species;
  • Recognizes the sovereignty and jurisdictional rights of indigenous peoples;
  • Ensures access to healthy food grown in a sustainable manner with safe working conditions for farmworkers and farmers;
  • Safeguards the vitality of our coastlines, estuaries, lakes, rivers, oceans, and marine life;
  • Protects public health by cleaning up the air, water, and land, and eliminating exposure to harmful substances in the environment;
  • Invests in affordable mass transportation systems, including high-speed passenger rail;
  • Promotes principles of economic equity, social justice, democratic participation, and sustainability in environmental problem-solving and policy.

                      We seek a nation with an economy predicated on fair trade, green jobs and just transition for workers in affected industries, real living wages, consumer protection from predatory practices, occupational health and safety, and full access to high quality health care and education as a right of citizenship.

                      We seek a nation where our democracy is protected from the corruptive influence of billionaires and corporate polluters currently flooding the political system with money in an attempt to roll-back environmental regulations, worker rights, and public health policies.

                      Bernie has a long-standing commitment to fighting for the environment, achieving a 91% lifetime rating on the national environmental scorecard of the League of Conservation Voters, and top scores from the Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund, the Sunrise Movement, and Greenpeace USA. On issues ranging from Arctic drilling to fossil fuel divestment to fracking to #ExxonKnew, the senator from Vermont has taken strong stances—going as far as to call for an outright ban on fracking. Bernie has a long track record of activism and political service in support of the environment, racial justice, economic equality, labor rights, and grassroots democracy. He refuses to create a Super PAC or be influenced by the big money offered by major corporate polluters.

                      His campaign is the only one entirely funded by and prioritizing the working class, and We can win! In poll after poll, Bernie beats Trump and is the most consistent & electable candidate to be the next President of the United States. We are looking to coalesce leaders, public figures, and ordinary people to challenge our broken political system and fight for environmental justice and a sustainable future.

                      It’s time to lay it on the line for a candidate and a campaign that has the experience, vision, and plans to match the urgency of our times.

                      We are Environmentalists for Bernie. Please join our efforts, and help make this vision a reality. Join the political revolution today!

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